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We Don’t Just Cut Grass, We Manicure Lawns
Keeping your lawn green, healthy, & free of weeds is a job for the experts at Hassle Free.

Lawn Care Services in Overland Park, KS

Long gone are the days of grass growing faster than you can cut and weeds sprouting up in dry, patchy areas of the yard. With Hassle Free Outdoors, we provide premium residential and commercial lawn care services designed to keep your lawn looking straight out of an HGTV magazine. We’ll provide you with weekly, biweekly, or monthly lawn maintenance and preventative care to not only deter weeds but maintain a clean and beautiful landscape all year round.

Protecting your lawn from weeds, pests, and seasonal changes can be a challenging task for an already busy homeowner. But have no fear, Hassle Free Outdoors is here. Our lawn care packages include everything from leaf removal and mowing services to our annual fertilizer program, which ensures unwanted weeds are destroyed, and your lawn remains vibrant.

Wacking Weeds & Taking Names

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Let us play the sound of our people as we fire up the mower and get started on maintaining your outdoor space. There’s no longer a need for you to hop on the zero-turn and spend hours cleaning up the yard—Hassle Free will do it for you!

Our extensive lawn care packages include everything from basic mowing to fertilizing and landscaping. Depending on your lawn care requirements, our team will arrive weekly or bi-weekly to mow, weed wack, trim, fertilize, and more. Start your journey to a plush, healthy lawn by contacting our professionals today.

Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

What height should I set my mower at?
This is a loaded question, and the answer can vary depending on your lawn height preferences. For most yards, we recommend setting your mower between three and four inches. Keeping your mower set at this height will help the lawn conserve water, boost the density of your grass, and improve the overall color of your turf.
How often should I water my lawn?
At Hassle Free Outdoors, we recommend watering your lawn two to three times a week for about 20 minutes. During the hot summer months, your lawn requires about two to three inches of water per week, and in the cooler months, a healthy lawn only requires about one to two inches.
How often should my lawn be mowed?
If your area has received a lot of rain or you fertilize often, we recommend mowing your lawn once every four days. When the weather is hot and generally dry, you should resort to cutting back and only mowing once a week in order to prevent the grass from drying out too much. If you’re unsure how often your lawn should be mowed, contact Hassle Free Outdoors to schedule a free consultation. We’d be happy to guide you through the mowing process and determine a schedule that works best for your landscape.
We work hard, so you don’t have to. Contact us today to create a low-maintenance landscape.